I was listening to an audio today about hitting goals, about firmly setting an intention and aiming yourself towards your goals even when the specific strategy your using right now to reach your goals isn't working so well!

He said something that implanted in my brain...

He said:

What's happening on the inside will show up on the outside eventually.

It echos a verse from the bible I think we've all probably heard at one point during our lives:

For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. -Jesus

Now folks, I know it's Sunday but I'm not a Pastor and this isn't Church Sunday School, but there's an extremely important principle in those words;

...and if you know that passage, Jesus spoke those words because he was rebuking the religious leaders of his day for calling him a demon after he healed a demon-possessed man who was also blind and mute.

Jesus was rebuking them for their inability to judge things righteously.

He said to them:

You brood of vipers, how can you, being evil, speak what is good?

The answer obviously is...they couldn't, because their hearts were evil!

Then he says:

For the mouth speaks out of that which fills the heart. The good man brings out of the good treasure what is good; and the evil man brings out out of his evil treasure what is evil.

So what's that have to do with hitting your goals, having a clear vision, firmly setting an intention and consistently aiming yourself towards your goals?

Think about your daily mindset.

Is it serving you well, or is it constantly undermining your efforts in hitting your goals?

What do I mean?

Is your day largely composed of,

  • Fear
  • Frustration
  • Doubt
  • Anxiety
  • Anger

I'm NOT saying that all of those feelings are wrong, without exception, because fear can serve you well in a life or death situation...

...but here's what I discovered and here's my point.

I was waking up in the morning;

  • Focusing on how broke I was.
  • Thinking about how much my life sucked.
  • Turning on talk radio and listening to how bad the world was getting around me.
  • Listening to the critics who told me that building an online network marketing business will NEVER work...et cetera.

So of course I was acting in doubt all the time.

What I believed was,

  • It's too hard.
  • I'm a failure.


  • I can't do it.

Naturally, I was failing and at the most, getting a small amount of success.

For me, what was happening on the inside was showing up on the outside...for a long time!

So how did I break the negative cycle?

1) I realized I was right where I was supposed to be in my life because there was something I needed to learn before I could move on to the level in my business.

2) I started listening and getting around people who were moving in the same direction I wanted move in.

3) I turned off the news and talk radio and I limited my association with those who were distracting me from reaching my goals.

Sometime you just got to be a little radical in your approach...

...even if you're not seeing the success you want in your business yet, just be willing to Keep Coming Back.

Because it's the act of showing up that will be the catalyst for changing what's happening on the inside...

...and whatever is happening on the inside will show up on the outside eventually!

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Keep Prosperity in Mind,

-Jamie LeBlanc

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Hey, got your lottery ticket? winning the lottery

I decided I’m going “All-In” and I’m planning on winning the lottery!

So I went down to the corner store, looked the cashier right in the eye and said…”Cousin, this is my time”!

…and I slapped my dollar down!!!

Because I’m serious about winning this thing!

I was checking out the stats of how likely it was for me to win…

…it’s 1 in 12,271,512.

But that means nothing to me because here’s the thing,

…I know it’s going to happen for me!

I have a good feeling about this.

I know what you’re probably thinking right now.

It’s what all the “naysayers” bring up about the probability of winning the lottery!

It’s been estimated that 100 people a year in the U.S. are struck by lightning. With the current population at 307 million, the probability that I’ll be struck by lightning this year is 100 in 307,000,000 = 1/3,070,000.

So you’re right,

I’m 4 times more likely to be struck by lightning than winning the lottery BUT,


I got a buck and a dream man!

So wish me the best.


You know what they say…


Folks, obviously my tongue is firmly in my cheek about winning the lottery with a “buck and a dream.”

Not that I have something against that.

If you play the lottery…

…more power to ya’.

But the lottery is a great analogy for the way most people treat their online business.

It’s like Eric Worre Says…

Instead of people joining a business and treating it like a profession…

…they come in, treating their business like having a lottery ticket and wanting,


…but the reality is, if you want to be payed like a professional you have to treat this business like a profession not like having a lottery ticket hoping to get lucky,

…and you got to work your butt off!

If you’ve fallen into the “Get-Rich-Quick”  trap, it’s not good, bad, right or wrong…

…just a learning experience!

Consider it a blessing to be in this place right now and if you’re ready to start treating this like a profession…

…and get payed like a PRO,

…Let’s get started!

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Keep Prosperity in Mind,

-Jamie LeBlanc

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Hey just thought this was www.jamie-leblanc.cominteresting...

Did you happen to see this?

A 2013 Gallop study shows that 70% of Americans are negative about their jobs and 20% of those polled are classified as "actively disengaged"!

Isn't "actively disengaged" an oxymoron?

Pretty funny but I know what they mean.

Gallop discovered "3 types of employees"

1) Engaged employees work with
passion and feel a profound
connection to their company.
They drive innovation and move the
organization forward.

2) Not Engaged employees are
essentially "checked out." They're
sleepwalking through their workday,
putting time - but not energy or passion -
into their work.

3) Actively Disengaged employees
aren't just unhappy at work; they're
busy acting out their unhappiness.
Every day, these workers undermine what
their engaged coworkers accomplish.

The study goes on to say people "show-up" to work but are sick of their "bosses from hell" who ignore their talent and don't cultivate growth.

They're not "inspired by their managers".

Disengaged to the point that even perks and incentives can't extricate the "working man's blues"...

...and they're merely trying to survive each day at the office!

The report actually states that dissatisfaction, anger, and boredom felt by workers hurts the economy and it also costs the U.S. an estimated $450 billion to $550 billion annually of lost productivity, stolen goods, and missed days of work.

I'm going to switch gears here because I got a quick question.

How are you "showing-up" in your online business?

»Are you showing up as the Engaged Employee who works with passion?

»The Non-Engaged Employee who has essentially "checked-out"?


»The Actively Disengaged Employee busy acting out your unhappiness?

I got another quick question...and be honest!

How long would it take you to fire yourself with what you do in your business?

What do I mean?

In the direct sales biz, you're the Boss and the Employee...

...but let's imagine for a moment that you could step out of yourself (as the Boss) and look at how you work in your online business as an employee.

What would you see (as the Boss)?

  • Would you see an employee who's passionate and works with energy and doesn't get distracted?


  • Do would you see someone who's just kinda goofing off all day...

»Refreshing Facebook.

»Chatting with "friends".

»Checking Email.

»Going through training after training looking for the magical money pill...looking for the Easy Button.

So, how long would it take you to fire yourself if that's what you're doing in your business all day?

I'll tell you...

...and you know if you've ever run your own business before like I have...


If dissatisfied, anger, and bored workers hurts the U.S. economy an estimated $450 billion to $550 billion annually it only follows that if you're showing-up in your independent online business with the same hang-ups, the only thing it's hurting is YOUR bottom line and success!

Let's talk later.

I'm running out the door and going with my 5 oldest sons to shoot their air-soft guns...

...pray for me! lol


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Keep Prosperity in Mind,

-Jamie LeBlanc

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joint ventureLet's be honest, everyone in business wants a win-win and forming a strategic partnerships can be your "fast-track" to a win-win situation. It does not matter whether the parties involved are huge companies, a few individuals or whether they are start-ups. Businesses with similar products and services within the same niche can pool their resources together to create that "win-win" through utilizing shared affiliates with the ability to drive targeted traffic to your offer or tapping into each others "buyers list" in order to take a product or service further than they could have individually. This strategic alliance is known as a Joint Venture and marketers easily fall into the ten mistakes that are inherent with this strategy but first let's look at the benefits of joint venture.

The Benefits of a Win-Win Joint Venture

  • Selling your own product instead of promoting someone else's
  • Immediate Traffic - Affiliates do all the heavy lifting when it comes to traffic generation
  • Relationship Building with Vital Contacts
  • Shared Economic Risk
  • Leverage on New Methods and Skills

Note: I probably won't expand on all 10 joint venture blunders and they're not in any particular order but I created a nifty little "info-graphic" for your viewing pleasure at the bottom of this post. =)

So here we go; The first suggestion to ensure a successful joint venture is to at all costs avoid approaching a potential JV partner when he or she is busy or worst yet, for example, when they're on vacation; and more than likely,  it won't be so much the potential JV who gets annoyed by your unwanted intrusion during their hiatus, as much as their spouse will be annoyed by it! I've had a few experiences similar to this and I've realized that entrepreneurs are usually open to "talking-shop" anywhere, anytime but it won't be received well when done on the spouse's time. One way to avoid this blunder is familiarizing yourself with their schedule and just have a good sense of "there's an appropriate time and place for everything".

Critical and Crucial if You're an Unknown

The critical part of a joint venture is execution therefore letting a potential JV partner know your schedule is crucial. Don't let the clock to run down and ask for help few days or even a few hours before a product launch. Conversely, three to four weeks notice should be sufficient enough to have a successful launch. If you are an unknown, it may be difficult to get partners for potential JV's because honestly, it's difficult to work with someone on an uneven playing field. So if you're new to JV's, focus on getting your name out there by giving more value to the market than you're getting back monetarily and with experience you can more easily approach the top people in your niche.

Prospective joint venture partners need to know that you have a history of reciprocating equally in promotion. If someone fails to promote products equally, there is no incentive for people to come aboard but keep in mind, no matter what happens, it is very unprofessional to try and "guilt" someone into promoting. Investors like confidence and winners. To attract the best people, you may have to do all the work because frankly, an investor may have money, but they may not want to work.

Escaping the "Newbie Zone" in JV's

When you're working towards escaping the "Newbie Zone", don't let a potential partner know that you have less experience than he or she and the thing that will go along way, is to ensure you work all the kinks out of a plan before presenting it to any prospective partner. Professionalism is key to any joint venture and potential investors may back off if they are uncertain whether you're up to the task.

Here's the "Top 10 Mistakes in Joint Venture" in a super duper entertaining "info-graphic" format! ENJOY!

joint venture


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Keep Prosperity in Mind,

-Jamie LeBlanc

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Are the Empower Network boys really handing over the “keys to the kingdom” to every average “Joe” who wants to make a go of it online or is it all just smoke and mirrors?

Thankfully, I’ve been given a rare “insider” look that I’ll pass on to you through the duration of this post (so read every word) and providing you some additional resources to check out in order to validate what I say here!

Empower Network has been providing its members with the tools, training and resources to create massive results as well as financial leverage in any type of business without necessarily having to undergo the challenges, mistakes and problems that most people face when starting an online business.

Together with exceptional internet marketing training, a “viral” blogging platform and five-star quality information products, empower network has a program that pays out 100% commissions generated from Empower info-product sales to their affiliates.

When and How did Empower Network Start?

The founders, David Sharpe and David Wood, officially launched Empower Network on October 31, 2011. During the first week of November alone that year, the company paid out an outstanding $1,000,000 in commissions to the initial members. So far, the company has paid out well over $70,000,000 to an estimated 160,000 affiliates, and it is now getting bigger and better.

Empower Network ENV2: “BlogBeast” Emerges

October 11, 2013 has seen the release of a new version of Empower Network aptly called Empower Network ENV2. This new system is set to rival the biggest and most popular blogging systems available on the blogosphere…namely WordPress. It’s expected that Empower Network Version 2 will completely change the way (and ease in which) internet marketing is done.

Features in the New Empower Network Version 2.0 (ENV2)

With ENV2.0, one of the most notable changes includes the removal of all technical challenges that were associated with version 1 which was built on the WordPress platform. It now only takes 2-3 clicks of your mouse to communicate virally and on a mass scale with complete automation. Within a minute to a minute and a half, your content is beamed worldwide and coded to your affiliate links, allowing you to earn the 100% commissions as an EN affiliate.

Below are a few things you will find in ENV2:

  • The ability for one account to administer several blogs inclusive of several concealed domains
  • The capability to upload videos straight from any hand held device in minutes to live streams via the env2 mobile app
  • You get complete control of your websites straight from your mobile gadgets without ever needing to log in through your PC
  • ENV2 will also help you keep track of stats as well as progress through a new sales conversion engine so that you can focus more on marketing and not tracking

Note: Watch this bootleg video for all the details!

Other Features Found in ENV2

Once you are logged into the new system, there is the activity feed that shows four different types of postings that you can make without having to go through multiple clicks to figure things out, these are:

  • Text posts
  • Audio posts
  • Image posts
  • Video posts

Moreover, all postings come optimized without requiring you to do much.

The viral activity feed monitors each of your products and with just one log in, you can monitor how well your products are doing in the various sites they are posted on. The system also allows you to interact live with other people through postings. Other incredible features in the new release include:

  • The ability to use your own domain name i.e. www.your-name-here.com
  • Capability of a post going viral within the Empower Network
  • Total blog customization is left to you; you can add your own images, banners and ads all from one dashboard
  • You have the capability to send email notifications to everyone receiving your blog posts
  • Capability to post only to those that are in your “inner circle”
  • The upgraded version is available at the same cost as the older system (no price increases)
  • New version provides you with a chance to dominate the internet totally, leading to increased sales

The new Empower Network ENV2 provides you a unique “viral social platform” to communicate with EN customers and anyone else who wants to have a presence online. It’s an optimized space designed for everyone who wants to make money online, promote their “cause” or someone who just likes to, as the ENV2 lead developer says, “blog about their kittens”!

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-Jamie LeBlanc

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